The Wood Countertop Guide To Add Durable And Unique Surfaces To Your Kitchen Design

Posted on: 9 March 2021

If you want a unique design for the surfaces in your kitchen, wood can be a great choice of materials. You want to know some things before having wood countertops installed, such as the best finishes or materials to use. The following wood countertop guide will help you add wood surfaces to your unique kitchen design.

Affordable Wood Countertops with Treatments — The countertops you have installed in your home do not have to be costly exotic or hardwood materials. Today, options like pine, cedar, and other domestic softwoods can be a good choice. The only problem with these woods is they need to be cured and hardened with a resin treatment to make them more resistant. If you use woods with knots, this can leave unique colors and shapes on the new counters' surface.

Durable Hardwoods That Make the Best Countertops — The durable hardwood materials are the best choice for countertops. Today, there are a couple of different woods that are used for countertops in kitchens. These materials include walnut, pecan, and other premium hardwoods. There are also options to use a base that has a natural veneer for various wood species. These materials are better than any softwoods like pine or softer hardwoods.

Staining and Finishing Wood Countertop Surfaces — The stains are also important to consider for your countertops. There are a couple of options for the staining of the wood countertops. These include natural stains that are oil-based and bring out the color tones in the wood grain. The sealants that you use should be safe for food preparation surfaces and nontoxic. There are also options to seal the surface with natural wax, but these sealants need to be reapplied regularly to protect the countertops. The natural wax sealants can also stain some woods and leave lighter surfaces vulnerable to staining.

Taking Care of New Wood Countertop Surfaces — Your countertops' wood is also going to need to be cared for to prevent wear and tear. First, you will need a good cutting board to prevent damage to the new surfaces. You may also want to apply a layer of nontoxic sealant. Lastly, you want to make sure to keep all the countertop surfaces clean to prevent staining and wear.

These are some of the things that you may want to know about before installing wood surfaces in your kitchen. If you are looking for unique features for your renovation project, contact a wood countertop service. For more information, visit a website like