3 Reasons You Need Masonry Work Done

Posted on: 13 January 2021

If you live in a home with brickwork on the exterior, it is important to take care of the brickwork and to know when you need brickwork done. There are a few signs you should be aware of that means your bricks need to be worked on.

Sign #1: Bowed Bricks

When a brick is jutting out of your wall instead of being in place as it should be, you have a bowed brick. If the bricks are all caved in around a specific area, you have a bowed brick. This is generally caused by moisture getting behind the bricks. The moisture causes the concrete to move and warp.

This then softens the wood or plaster behind the brick and causes the bricks to bow. In this situation, a masonry will fix the issue with your wall, causing the bricks to bow, and they will fix the bricks themselves. They will more than likely need to replace any surrounding water damaged bricks as well.

Sign #2: Corner Cracks

Any cracks in your masonry work are something you need to be concerned about. Vertical cracks are common and don't mean that your wall is going to collapse. However, they shouldn't be left alone, as a vertical crack can allow water to get in around your bricks, causing bowed bricks and inner wall damage.

A corner crack is easy for a masonry contractor to fix. All they need to do is fill in the crack with some epoxy or with some urethane. Sometimes, a new expansion joint may need to be installed. A corner crack isn't a big deal if it is dealt with promptly.

Sign #3: Compacted Brick

A compacted brick is a little different than a bowed brick. It is a brick that has lost its original shape. This can happen because of water getting into the wall. A compacted brick is something to take seriously because when a brick loses its shape, it can't support surrounding bricks as it should. When a brick becomes compacted, the stability of your wall is at risk.

A mason will need to replace the impacted bricks to deal with the immediate problem. They may also do work to support your foundation if they determine it doesn't have enough support.

If your bricks don't look quite right, you should call in a professional to fix your bricks. A masonry contractor will be able to improve both the immediate issues and any underlying issues as well.