Convincing Reasons To Choose A Truss Roof For Your New Home's Design

Posted on: 3 August 2020

As you finalize the designs of your new home, you must decide on what kind of roof you want it to have. You need a rooftop that will be as sturdy and long-lasting as it is beautiful. You can hire a contractor with experience in building trusses after discovering the benefits that come with adding a truss roof to your new home today.

Weight Bearing Properties

A truss roof is designed specifically to bear a significant amount of weight. The last thing that you want to worry about with your new home is your rooftop collapsing. You want it to remain intact and useful for decades. 

To prevent collapses of key areas like the front gable or the area over the attic or upper-level bedrooms, you need to add a truss to the roof. A roofer with knowledge of building trusses can design one that can bear the weight of these areas of the roof and prevent it from collapsing or warping. You get a rooftop that will last for years and give you a solid return on your investment.

Precipitation Runoff

A truss roof also is designed to allow for precipitation to run off the top of your home and into the gutters or onto the ground. Because the truss itself comes to a triangular peak, it prevents snow and rain from staying on top of the roof. Instead, they slide off and prevent your roof from becoming laden with water. This runoff is important for keeping your rooftop dry and free from the damages like rot, mildew, and mold growth that water can cause.

Insurance Purposes

A truss roof is typically easier to insure than a flat roof. Insurers appreciate the weight-bearing properties that building trusses offer. They also know that your home's roof is less likely to go and collapse because of weather elements like heavy rain and snow. They may not have to pay out claims to have your rooftop repaired often.

A roof with trusses gives your home beauty and dimension that elude a flat roof. You get a new home that is visually appealing at which to look. When you want to add one of these rooftops to your new house, you need to hire an experienced contractor to design and build it for you. A roofer with experience in building trusses can create a  truss roof that will be strong, long-lasting, and beautiful. 

For more information on truss roofs, reach out to a local roofing contractor.