Keeping Ground Water Out Of Your Basement

Posted on: 11 June 2020

Houses with full basements offer some advantages like storage space or additional living space that other homes do not have. To take advantage of that space, the basement needs to be dry, and hiring basement waterproofing contractors can be good preventive care to ensure that the basement stays free of water in the future.

Interior Waterproofing

If you are planning to paint the interior of your basement, hiring a waterproofing contractor to paint the inside with waterproofing paint can help keep water out and give you beautiful, painted walls in the space. The waterproofing paint will seal the pores in the concrete walls to help keep water from finding a way in.

The paint is a good step, but interior waterproofing can still allow groundwater to seep into the concrete and cause damage over time. Often interior waterproofing paint is used in connection with other waterproofing methods to keep the water out of the basement more effectively.

Exterior Foundation Sealer

Sealing the exterior walls of the basement and foundation helps to keep any water from getting into the concrete walls and is an effective method of basement waterproofing, but if you can't get to the walls on the outside of your home, you may need to consider hiring basement waterproofing contractors to help you.

The contractor will need to remove the soil around the house to allow workers to coat the foundation with sealer. The basement waterproofing or sealer should extend from the base of the walls to just below the side of the house. 

There is a possibility of water getting under the footings, but it is unlikely that it would come up through the floor unless you have a lot of water under the home. Once the foundation walls are coated, the basement waterproofing contractor will backfill the soil around the house for you.

Installing Drains

Houses with a lot of water in the ground may need additional work to keep the basement dry. In some situations, draining the water away from the house is the best solution, and installing french drains around the foundation can do that effectively. 

When the soil around the foundation is excavated for the sealer application on the walls, the contractor can add some gravel and perforated drain pipe into the trench. The drain pipe needs to run away from the house so that it will carry the water away from the basement. 

If this is done correctly, any water running off the roof or seeping into the ground near the basement walls should drain off from the house, keeping the basement dry and usable.

To learn more, contact a local basement waterproofing contractor today.