How To Effectively Use Watertight Doors

Posted on: 2 March 2020

Watertight doors are essential on just about any large ship. Of course, they will only do their job if they are used properly. These are some of the things that you should keep in mind if you want to use watertight doors effectively.

Make Sure You Use Enough Watertight Doors Throughout Your Vessel

First of all, you should make sure that there are enough watertight doors present throughout the vessel. When in doubt, you may want to err on the side of caution and install more watertight doors than what is required or what you think is necessary. In an emergency situation, you and the others on the boat will probably be glad that there are ample watertight doors on board.

Ensure You Choose Good-Quality Watertight Doors

It's not a good idea to skimp on quality with any of the materials or parts for your boats. One thing in particular that you should focus on quality for, however, is the watertight doors that you are buying for the vessel. Make sure that the watertight doors that you purchase were made by a good manufacturer and that they meet or exceed the industry standards.

Make Sure Watertight Doors are Properly Installed

Of course, the installation process is important when you are installing watertight doors. Making even one mistake when installing these doors can result in serious problems. Make sure that professionals who are experienced with watertight door installations are the ones doing the job for the best results.

Check Watertight Doors Regularly

As a part of the regular inspection process of your boat, make sure that you check all of the watertight doors on the vessel. Make sure that you check the gaskets and other components on and around the door, and perform a chalk or light test on a regular basis to make sure that there is a tight seal.

Be Sure to Follow Other Safety Precautions

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to count on the watertight doors in your vessel to do their job in an emergency situation. However, there is still the possibility that something could go wrong, so it's important to follow all other necessary safety precautions, such as ensuring that there are ample floatation devices on board.

Watertight doors can save lives and preserve property, so you should take them seriously. Luckily, you can make sure that they are effective by following the tips above.