Chimney Care Answers For Homeowners

Posted on: 5 June 2019

Chimney maintenance is an aspect of homeownership that will frequently be neglected. Often, this mistake is the result of the homeowner being somewhat uninformed about the needs of their chimney as well as the potential consequences of neglecting to effectively care for it.

Does Having The Chimney Cleaned Provide Safety Benefits?

Cleaning the chimney is one of the most basic things that you can do to help keep your home safe. When a chimney becomes dirty, the home will be at risk of filling with potentially lethal fumes. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know that this problem is developing, and as a result, homeowners are usually better served by having the chimney cleaned on a regular schedule so that they can ensure that it is free of significant blockages.

Will Chimney Sweeps Always Perform Comprehensive Chimney Inspections?

There are many chimneys sweeping services that will provide homeowners with full-service evaluations while they are cleaning the chimney. However, you should avoid assuming that this is the case when hiring these services. If you want the chimney to be thoroughly inspected, you will have to specifically ask whether the chimney sweeping service is able to perform this work. There is specialized equipment that is needed to be able to see inside the chimney, and sweeping services that lack this equipment will be unable to effectively evaluate the structural condition of the chimney.

Do You Have To Dispose Of The Soot From The Chimney On Your Own?

One assumption that can cause homeowners to avoid having their chimney professionally swept is the idea that they must personally manage the disposal of the soot and ash that may be removed from the chimney. However, disposing of these materials can be extremely challenging and potentially hazardous as they can be easy to spill. For this reason, chimney sweeps will almost always handle the disposal of these materials for their clients unless it is otherwise requested. As a result, you will be able to have your chimney professionally cleaned without needing to handle this messy task.

Is It Necessary To Clean A Chimney That You Do Not Use?

If you do not use your fireplace, you might assume that there will not be a need to clean the chimney. However, mold and other materials can gather in the chimney where they may cause some problems. Unless the chimney has been professionally sealed, it should still be periodically cleaned. However, chimneys that are rarely used can go much longer between cleanings.

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