How to Have More Fun with Wood Flooring

Posted on: 11 March 2019

Wood flooring can give any room a warmer look, but you may also be searching for options that can make a space look distinctive. Let's explore some ideas that'll help you break out of the box.

Wide Planks

If you're looking to create a more rustic look, wide wooden planks are a great choice. These are planks that'll stretch the whole way across the room, creating a more uniform appearance that mimics something similar to the side of a barn. Add a matte finish to give them that last bit of authenticity.

Reclaimed Wood

Companies that specialize in pulling wood from existing, older structures are happy to sell their products for wood flooring. By using reclaimed wood, you can guarantee that the appearance of your floor won't match anyone else's. Options like pine can be used to give a room an extra level of distinction. Make a point to buy some spare materials and store them safely for future use though, as your unique flooring isn't going to be easy to match when repairs have to be performed.

Ebonized Woods

We generally think of wood flooring as being brown, tan, or red. Another way to break the mold is to purchase wood that has been ebonized. The goal of this process is to take traditional woods, such as oak and walnut, and make them look much blacker than is typical for a room. If you're creating a space that has a very modernist aesthetic, especially a very white room, ebonized woods are a superb way to add interest.

Changing Direction

It's easy to fall back on the assumption that wood flooring has to be put down in straight lines. If you want to create instant appeal, though, a herringbone pattern will make any room pop. Throw in slightly different tones for panels of wood to really emphasize the pattern. If you're not working from a kit, however, be prepared to incur some costs due to waste.

Installing slats in straight lines but at odd angles to the walls can be interesting. Varying the widths of panels can take a floor to the next level, too.

Puzzle-Piece Patterns

A more whimsical take on the previous suggestions, a floor where the sections are assembled like puzzle pieces will have everybody talking. Custom work of this kind can be very expensive, but there are a number of kits available to do more standardized work, too.

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