Avoid Making These Mistakes When You Buy An RV Carport

Posted on: 12 December 2018

When you buy a metal carport that will keep your RV out of the elements, you'll want to carefully assess your needs and choose a carport that will accommodate them. There are so many different types of carports that are available that you might quickly feel enamored with one, but you shouldn't be so focused on it that you fail to notice a product that might serve you better. A metal RV carport is a significant investment that should last you a long time, so here are some mistakes that you'll want to avoid making when you shop.

Buying Too Small

Once you learn the measurements of your RV, it may seem sensible to buy a carport that is slightly larger than the vehicle. However, doing so may be problematic for a number of reasons. If you're an RV enthusiast, you might eventually upgrade the vehicle to something that is bigger. If your carport is only a little larger than your existing RV, you may not be able to upgrade in size and still get the vehicle to fit in the carport. Additionally, if you want to store your RV with the pop-outs extended, you'll need a carport that is significantly wider than you might expect.

Buying Without An Attached Building

A simple carport provides a lot of advantages, and it may be the first type of carport that you consider. Those that have small, attached shed-like buildings might seem beyond your budget at first, but it's important to give them some consideration. Carports of this design provide you with sheltered storage space, which can be perfect for keeping the items that you use when you travel in the RV. For example, if you don't want to clutter your RV with these items, having an attached shed/building that is part of the carport can be handy.

Buying An Open Carport

A lot of buyers favor open carports, which have a roof but their sides are open. In many cases, this type of carport will perfectly suit you — but you should first evaluate whether you want to buy an enclosed one. A carport with solid sides and a pair of locking doors can be a good investment if you're concerned about the security of your RV. You have a lot invested in it, and thus don't want it to be stolen. Locking it up in an enclosed metal carport can go a long way toward keeping it safe.