4 Uses Of Uses Of Window Styles In New Installation And Renovations

Posted on: 11 February 2018

If you want to have new windows installed in your home, there are many different styles to choose from. Some window styles work better for certain designs or areas of your home. There is also a difference in price depending on style, features and the materials your windows are made from. For example, casement windows are almost always more expensive than hung windows and often made of metal materials. To help you with choosing the right style windows for every area of your home, here are some different uses of specific window styles:

1. Common Double-Hung Windows and Their Various Uses

Double-hung windows are some of the most common windows that are installed in homes. These are the windows that have sashes that open vertically. Another variation is a single-hung window, which usually only has one operable sash at the bottom that can be opened. These are the most commonly used windows in homes and can be made of wood, metal, and vinyl materials.

2. Using Casement Windows in Various Situations in Your Home

Casement windows are the style of window that opens with a crankshaft. These windows can swing out like a door, or they can open upward. If you are doing a basement finishing project and need windows to meet egress, you may choose to install casement windows that open upward to meet these requirements. Standard size casement windows that open outward like a door are a durable option for other areas of your home but will be more expensive than double-hung windows.

3. Awning Windows for Better Air Circulation and Ventilation

Awning windows have hinges that allow them to be opened upward and allow air to flow from the bottom and sides. These windows can be casement windows, or they can be manually operated by pushing them open and held with spring or hydraulic actuator mechanisms. Awning windows are ideal for areas like sunrooms and open spaces where you want to allow fresh air from outside to circulate in your home.

4. Fixed, Bowed, and Bay Windows Where Natural Light Is Needed

Fixed, bowed, and bay windows are often used in areas of your home where you want to have more natural light. Bay windows work great for areas like breakfast nooks for kitchen dining space or natural light in a study or sitting area in a master suite. Bowed windows are great for any situation where you want more natural like with a limited amount of wall space. Lastly, fixed glass can be an entire window, parts of a bay and work best in areas like sunrooms, family rooms and large open spaces that need more windows to maximize natural light.

These are some of the different uses of specific window styles that you will want to consider for your home. If you need help with choosing the right windows for your home, contact a roofing contractor or a home addition service for professional help.