AC: Window Units Vs. Central

Posted on: 20 September 2017

Are you fed up with your rooms constantly being warm and uncomfortable during the summer? Are you thinking about finally investing in air conditioning? There are a few different options when buying air conditioners. This article explains the main between affordable window AC units and central, condenser-powered AC systems. It should help you determine which is best for your property.

Window AC Units

Window units are extremely cheap but effective in small spaces. Usually, they really only work in rooms that are about the size of a bedroom. So, if you have multiple rooms in your home that need to be heated, you will probably need to buy multiple AC units. These AC systems can use a lot of electricity, and they are definitely not the most energy efficient choice if you are trying to cool a large house with multiple rooms. Often, homeowners will set up AC units, and then try to supplement the airflow with multiple fans strategically placed around the house. All these electronics running at once can jack up your energy bill.

Central AC

Central AC systems don't necessarily use less electricity, but you don't need to run them as often, so you do see significant savings on your utility bills. Central HVAC will cool down your home much more efficiently. Making it easier to achieve the desired temperature without having to rely on fans.

Cost Comparisons

The installation of a central AC system is definitely far more complicated and expensive than installing a window unit. Wall and window AC units can be installed by the homeowner, as long as they can handle the physical nature (they are heavy!). They basically just need to be lifted, set in place, and then plugged in. A central AC system is obviously only an option if your home already has central ducting in your home. This is usually not an issue because most homes have heating ducts built into the walls. The condenser will be retrofitted to work with your existing ducts, but the installation is still technical and can only be handled by licensed HVAC tech.

While the installation of central AC might be far more expensive and drastic, it can actually be a smart monetary investment when you consider how it reduces your electricity bills. Either option might work for your property, but if you want a long-term solution, central AC is the way to go.

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