A Guide to Getting the Maximum Benefit From the Wedding Tent You're Renting for Your Big Day

Posted on: 2 February 2017

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, choosing the most appropriate type of tent for your needs can be quite challenging. While the number of guests and the dimensions of the available space will impact your choices, it is also a good idea to estimate the typical weather that commonly occurs on or around your chosen date. When you want to use a tent for your big day, the following information will be quite helpful.  

Choosing the Right Type of Tent

Once you are sure of the approximate number of people who will be under the tent on your wedding day, it is possible to choose the size of the tent that you will need. If you have only a few guests or the space for your tent is quite limited, a frame tent may be what you need. Its appearance can be adjusted by attaching two or more tents to meet your needs, so it's useful if you have been allotted a narrow, long area for the tent. However, this option can get pricey and challenging to put together, so it is easier to rent this tent from a company that is willing to deliver and assemble it. 

However, if you have more space to host a larger wedding, you may find that the push-pole tent is the better choice. It is available in many sizes and you can opt to have the ceiling covered in fabric or PVC to closely mimic your wedding theme or colors. They also tend to be the most affordable type of rental tent and once you are aware of the type of tent you will be using, you can make an appropriate back-up plan in case of bad weather on your big day.

Planning for Inclement Weather

Given that it has recently been estimated that about four out of every ten couples are engaged for at least 13 months before exchanging vows, and choosing the venue for the wedding is often one of the first decisions that couples make, you need to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. In this instance, it is best to check the 10 and 7-day weather forecast so that you can get as much advance notice of a weather challenge as possible. You should also check back with weather forecasts in the days or even hours leading up to your wedding day so that you can make any necessary modifications.

If rain or other precipitation is probable, you should speak with the rental agency that is providing your tent about the possibility of using a waterproof cover and walls for the tent. In addition, arranging for water-resistant flooring to be laid down so everyone's feet stay dry. 

An outdoor wedding in a beautiful tent is often an ideal way to celebrate your big day. Be sure to use the tips above when renting your tent.