Comparing 3 Common Home Siding Options

Posted on: 13 October 2016

Replacing the siding on your home is a way to easily improve its appearance, but you'll quickly discover that you have multiple choices with the many materials out there. Every material has advantages and disadvantages, but by knowing what they are, it can help you narrow down your selection quickly.


Many homeowners love wood siding because it looks very natural. It's a common material for bungalows and cottages, but can be used for almost any style home. With so many options for the type of wood to use, you can be sure to find something that will fit the aesthetics of your existing home.

Keep in mind that wood siding will be an expensive option. As the wood gets higher in quality, the price for installation and materials increases as well. Wood will also require more maintenance than other material, which includes applying a sealant to the wood. You must also inspect for termites and miscellaneous wear and tear from the weather.


You'll often see vinyl siding used on homes, and it's because it has many great benefits. The material will be cost-effective for the materials and installation. The range of textures and colors that vinyl comes in also make it easy to find the specific style that you want. Vinyl siding can also be manufactured so that it replicates the look of other material types. Want wood siding, but don't care for the maintenance? Then vinyl siding that looks like wood could be the answer.

A drawback to the material is that the vinyl siding can come off your home during a very strong storm. If it is not secured properly, strong winds can easily rip if off. Vinyl siding can also be damaged more easily than material like wood or brick.


By using brick for siding material, it gives a home the appearance that it was made using brick. The material is actually installed like a veneer to the house's exterior, covering the existing surface instead of adding structural stability to the home. The material will be durable and not require much maintenance over the years, making it ideal for those that want a nicer looking material.

The disadvantage to brick is going to be the price of the materials and installation.

Can't decide on what siding you want? Schedule a consultation with a local siding contractor, such as Superior Products. They can present more options available to you, or help you narrow down your choice between these 3.