3 Excellent Locations To Use Decorative Concrete

Posted on: 13 October 2016

Decorative concrete is very aesthetically appealing, as well as strong and secure, and it can be used in several different areas. This article will discuss 3 very different locations where decorative concrete is going to look great. 

A Pool

The interior of your pool is likely going to have some decorative tile and/or fiberglass that gives it a unique and appealing look. There will also be nice tile work done around the outside of your pool, as well as the stairs of your pool. A great way to continue this type of style and look is going to be to install decorative concrete for all of the surface area that is surrounding your pool. The decorative concrete can be made to match the designs inside your pool, or they can contrast it in a way that complements it. For example, if you have light and dark blue tile in your pool, you can go with white and gray decorative concrete, with some light and dark blue designs, to both contrast and complement these colors well. 

A Courtyard

Another awesome location for decorative concrete is going to be in any type of courtyard. A courtyard is generally a public location where people gather for different events, so you want this outdoor area to look as nice as possible. However, because it is outdoors, you can only use materials and items that are going to do well outdoors. Decorative concrete is perfect for adding an elegant touch to this outdoor location because the decorative concrete is much more detailed than regular concrete, but it is also just as durable. A seal is going to be placed on the concrete to protect it, so that the weather, excessive foot traffic, furniture, and things of that nature are not going to harm it. 

A Sunroom

Because a sunroom is an indoor/outdoor style of room, decorative concrete can be perfect to use for the flooring. The decorative look of the concrete makes it more formal and fitting for indoor use, but it also offers the outdoor charm that wood, tile, and/or carpet simply can't offer. You can get very customized concrete that has whatever decorations that you would like on it. For example, if you want decorative concrete that is a combination of grey and black, with pieces that are cut into diamonds, and that also have a sun carved inside of some of the pieces, this can be done for you. 

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