3 Decking Materials To Choose From For The Most Water Resistant Wood Dock

Posted on: 12 August 2016

If you are going to be adding a dock to your property, there are many options that you may want to choose from for the decking. Today, there are many synthetic alternatives to wood, but what if you just like the look of real wood? There are some choices of wood that can be more durable in a harsh marine environment. Here are some of the choices that you may want to consider for a dock with wood decking materials:

1. Cypress Lumber With High Moisture Content And Durability

Cypress lumber is a type of evergreen tree that commonly grows in swamps. It is a very dense wood and high in moisture content. This can make it a good choice for your dock's decking. This material is naturally high in moisture content and very dense, which makes it a good choice for marine environments. It will require some care to keep it in good condition and protect it from wear. This can usually be done with a simple oil treatment.

2. Cedar Lumber For A More Conventional Decking Solution That Requires Care

Cedar lumber is another softwood that you may want to consider for your dock's decking. This is a durable material that is used for many different exterior features. If you want to have a natural looking wood with the option of many different colors, then you will want to consider using cedar decking for your dock. Cedar will require some more maintenance than some of the other materials that you may use, but with regular staining it can last for many years.

3. Tropical Lumbers That Give Durability And A Clean Look For Your Dock

Another option that you may want to consider is to use a tropical hardwood. There are many choices of tropical hardwoods, such as Ipe or Teak. These materials have the benefit of being very durable and can often outlast many of the conventional decking options. Tropical lumber can also withstand saltwater conditions and other environments that may require a special kind of material for marine construction projects.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider to use real wood materials for the decking on your dock. If you are ready to build a dock and not sure about options for decking, contact a marine construction service and talk with them about some of the options to give your dock the look of real wood.