Can You Tackle These Home Electrical Projects On Your Own?

Posted on: 28 July 2016

If you have a knack for home DIY projects, then you might consider doing some small electrical work on your own. Some electrical projects lend themselves well to self study, while others should always be done by a professional. 

Home Electrical Testing

There are several types of home electrical testing kits that can be a valuable way to inspect your  home's electrical soundness. Circuit testers are useful for making sure an electrical outlet is grounded properly. Continuity testers are another valuable tool that lets you test to ensure that all of your home's electrical circuits are closed. Each of these tools is safe to use, and you can often place them near the circuit (without touching it) to get an accurate reading at low risk. If you detect any issues, you can then have a technician provide certified electrical services to determine the causes and solutions. 

Fan Wiring

Ceiling fans are one project that can be done at home, as long as you have the proper tools and time to learn the ropes. Contact your fan's manufacturer for an instructional manual on how to correctly wire your fan. You'll also want to check to make sure the wiring you want is recommended for your fan; some ceiling fans don't do well with dimmer switches and other switches that limit the flow of voltage. 

Hot Tub Wiring

Whether or not you can wire your own hot tub will depend on your state, so check your local laws carefully. Some states require you to have a hot tub professionally wired and certified. Your hot tub specialist may be able to recommend an electrician that specializes in pool wiring so that you don't risk damaging the equipment. But if you attempt to do it yourself, make sure that you have the proper grounding for outdoor and waterproof wiring; it may be helpful to contact an electrician simply to make sure you have the right power cords. 

These and other small electrical issues can be tackled at home. But the key to staying safe while doing small electrical projects is to make sure that you're never in over your head. If you have read the appropriate manuals and still aren't quite sure how to proceed or don't feel comfortable, then be sure to call in a professional electrician; handing the job over to a professional, like Narducci Electric, in this situation can protect you from electrical hazards.