Using Your Fives Senses To Determine If Your Basement Might Need Waterproofing

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Damp or leaky basements can be prevented, but sometimes this can sneak up on a household. Basements with water damage can have many culprits, including condensation gathering in a confined space, runoff from rains and springs, or groundwater swelling. All can be managed with basement waterproofing, but you first need to identify the problem. Using your five senses, here are ways you can see if your basement is taking on water and when to call a contractor to come remedy your problem.

1. Use Your Sense of Hearing to Listen for Water

Sometimes slow leaks or condensation can be heard through your basement walls or coming from above. Listen for slow drops that might be condensation forming. If you hear any sort of constant dripping or water, this might be leaky pipes near your basement that can lead to water damage within your home.

2. Use Your Sense of Sight to Find Moisture and Condensation

While flooding or standing water is an alarming sign of moisture, there can be other subtle hints you can see within your basement. By taping a piece of plastic wrap to your basement wall, you can determine if there is indeed moisture if condensation either gathers on either side of it.

3. Use Your Sense of Touch to Identify Damp Areas

Dampness might not always be easily apparent, especially in darker spaces such as a basement. Be sure to feel around in back corners, flooring, or walls that are obscured for hidden moisture spots. If you are noticing other indicators that your basement might be collecting water, feeling for trouble spots can help pinpoint this.

4. Use Your Sense of Smell for Musty Odors

A musty or dank odor is a clear indicator that there might be water damage or moisture collecting in your basement. While all basements might have a certain closed-off smell to them, if you notice a damp smell that may be stemming from mold or mildew, your basement might need waterproofing.

5. Use Your Sense of Taste to Notice Stored Food has Gone Bad

If you leave dry goods in your basement you can have a clear indicator if moisture has seeped into your food stores. If you noticed marked changes in the taste or your food storage is going moldy quickly, you may have excess dampness or moisture to deal with.

While you might be able to identify if there is a problem with your basement, your basement waterproofing needs might take a specific remedy. Be sure to work with a contractor that can help identify the best waterproofing solution for your space. This might be a dehumidifier, installing a drain system, or sealing areas of your basement where leaks or moisture are coming through.