Clean The Interior Of A Window Air Conditioner's Condensate Line

Posted on: 2 May 2016

If you notice water underneath the window air conditioning unit that is installed in your bedroom, the condensate line may require cleaning. If the line is clogged with debris, condensation will not be deposited outdoors and will continue to back up inside of your home. The following steps will instruct you on how to resolve this problem so that the unit works properly again. 


  • mop
  • vinyl tarp
  • screwdriver
  • tube brush
  • spray bottle filled with soapy water
  • shop vacuum cleaner

Unclog The End Of The Line That Is Located Indoors

Turn off the air conditioning unit and unplug it. Mop up any water that is on the floor. Place a vinyl tarp on the floor, directly under the unit so that water or debris is collected on it. Remove the unit's cover. Remove the condensate pan from the bottom of the unit and empty it if it is filled with water. Disconnect the end of the condensate line that is connected to the unit. If hardware is connected to the line, loosen and remove it with a screwdriver.

Pull the condensate line away from the unit and tilt the end of it downwards. Use a soapy tube brush to loosen clogs inside of the line. Once finished, use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to suck up any moisture that remains in the line. Reattach the line and insert the hardware pieces through its end before tightening them. 

Unclog The Opposite End Of The Line

Locate the end of the condensate line that deposits moisture outdoors. Unclog it with a soapy scrub brush and suck up any moisture that is stuck inside of it with a vacuum cleaner hose. Once the line does not have any more materials trapped inside of it, place it back in the proper spot.

Go indoors and plug in the unit before turning it on. Pay close attention to the end of the condensate line to make sure that no water is dripping from it. If you do not see any moisture, the condensate line has been restored to its original state and any condensation that forms while operating the unit will be deposited outdoors.

Maintain the unit regularly to prevent a problem from occurring again. You can do this by simply inspecting the condensate line and pan after you use the unit for a while. If either part is dirty or filled with water or debris, clean them with the same steps that you used to resolve the initial problem with the unit. 

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