Summertime Asphalt Maintenance

Posted on: 13 April 2016

If you have an asphalt driveway or some other paved area at your home, you know the frustration of summertime maintenance. Ignoring those surface cracks is an invitation to weeds and further damage. You do have several options when it comes to cleaning, repairing, and preventing damage.


Cleaning out your driveway cracks can mean hours of work. Grass and weeds sprouting through cracks in the pavement is not a look anyone wants for their property and getting rid them can be a difficult task. If you are unable to easily pull them out, try pouring white vinegar or boiling water on the weeds. This should kill them and allow you to easily yank out the brown and dried remnants in a day or two. You can use chemicals to kill the plants, but using natural substances will be easier on the environment and your family members.


You should be able to repair smaller cracks in your asphalt by yourself. After the weeds are gone, use a brush to get rid of all the dirt and pieces of broken pavement. Then, use a product especially for small crack repair. These fillers can be found at almost any hardware or discount store and are reasonably priced.  After you have smoothed the filler and it has dried, you should consider reapplying pavement sealer to your entire driveway or paved space to prevent future problems, especially if you haven't done so for several years.

Big Problems

When you have larger cracks and you are uncertain what caused them, you need to consult with a professional. These cracks may well need more repair than a simple filler can provide. An experienced asphalt contractor can repair your driveway and help you identify the source of the cracks. If tree roots are the problem, the repair is likely more complicated than an amateur can handle. In order to truly correct the problem, parts or all of the driveway may need to be replaced after the tree roots are removed and other problems corrected.

Summer can be a difficult time for your driveway. The damage that was started in the winter due to freezing and thawing can easily be exacerbated by weeds and other strains on the asphalt. You can take a few steps to fix minor problems yourself, but when it comes to serious damage, consult a professional like Phend & Brown. Asphalt maintenance can prevent expensive repairs in the future.