New House Going Up? Consider An Elevator

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Are you having a home built? Take advantage of this opportunity to add something unique and bold. Have you ever wondered why most public buildings have elevators but private homes don't? Any home with more than one story would be much more interesting with an elevator. Here are some reasons why. 

Trending Up

Follow along with the trend. Many cutting edge home buyers are taking old factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings and turning them into houses. The existing elevator is always a focal point and a key feature. 

You may not be flipping an old building, but you can follow this trend with any new home being built in an industrial style. Use exposed brick and sleek metal elements in your design to coordinate with that theme. 

Going Down With Danger

Falling down stairs is a real and serious cause of injury to children and adults. CBS News reports that a child falls down the stairs and is taken to the hospital every six minutes in the United States. Adults can also trip while carrying heavy loads or with a pet underfoot. An elevator allows you to take large items from one floor to another while avoiding the stairs, and kids can avoid stair related accidents while enjoying the elevator. 

Lift the Accessibility Factor 

An elevator is more than just a cool decorative addition to your home. It is practical as well. Beyond helping you bring laundry, furniture and heavy or bulky items up and down stairs, it also brings a way for people with disabilities to move through your multi-story home. 

Most homes do not offer access for people in wheelchairs or those who cannot use stairs. An elevator gives your disabled guests a chance to enjoy every level of your house, just as able bodied guests can. Also, if you find yourself unable to use stairs one day, you will be happy not to have to spend all of your time on the first floor. 

The elevator is also a plus when you decide to resell your house because it offers something very unique to the disabled home buyer who may usually have to settle for a single floor home. 

Push the Fun Button

Elevators are fun and quirky and can really bring unique personality into your home. They can also increase your resale value by offering something totally different to the home buyer looking for houses with unique features. 

An elevator would make good sense to any home built with stairs. Turn your new home into something special by adding an elevator. 

For more information and options, talk with contractors in your area that specialize in residential elevators, such as Eastern Elevator CO.