Garage Door Security: Different Garage Door Services And Devices That Work

Posted on: 12 December 2015

Thieves are getting bolder and bolder all the time. In some places, they will walk right into your garage and take whatever they can find that is of worth. If your garage is attached to your house, then you are in danger of home invasion as well. There are some garage door services that hook you up to a number of security devices and gadgets that can protect the contents of your garage as well as prevent access to your home.

Keyless Entry and Coded Touchpad

Many garages reserved for renters of multiplex apartment buildings, twindominiums and condos have these keyless entry and coded touchpads connected to their garage doors. You can install them on just the overhead garage door itself, or you can install one each on every door connected to your garage, including the door that opens into your home. Every one of the touchpads has its own code, although you can reset them to new codes that are easier for you to remember. (Just make sure they are not too easy for burglars to guess or they will not be very effective security devices!)

Alarms and Bars on the Windows

Some garages have windows on the sides of the structure, while others may have a upper story window that opens into the garage attic. These are all potential points of entry for burglars who want to bypass the main garage door and the side door. You can either arm the windows with simple devices that you can buy from a home remodeling store or hardwire the windows into your home's security system if your garage is attached to your house. You may also want to add a few vertical bars made of steel, which you can attach to the top and bottom edges of the window frame. Burglars who attempt to smash the glass in these windows cannot get through because the bars will block their entry.

Timed, Programmable Garage Door Opener

Instead of locks and alarms, you could opt for timed, programmable garage door openers. These devices connect directly to your garage door opener and only open for the times you program them to open. For example, if you want the garage door to open at six in the morning for "x" number of minutes, close, and then not open again until six in the evening, this device can do that. If anyone attempts to open the doors in between your set opening times and does not utilize the special remote that comes with these devices, they lock your garage tight and refuse to allow entry. Contact a company like American Eagle Garage Door Services for more information about garage door services.