Three Reasons Why You May Need To Get Your Fire Sprinkler System Inspected Immediately

Posted on: 31 August 2015

If you own an apartment building, you are required to have fire sprinklers installed in the building to ensure that everyone can be as safe as possible if a fire was to occur. Once the fire sprinklers are installed, it is important to maintain them and have them inspected regularly. While you may be up to date on your required inspections, it is important to know that there are times between the mandated inspections when you may need to have the system looked over to ensure that it is working properly. The following guide walks you through a few instances when additional inspections of the sprinkler system in your building may be needed.

When Any Remodeling Is Done in The Building

Remodeling the apartments in your building will be necessary from time to time to meet the ever changing needs of renters. When you remodel one or all of the apartments in your building, there is always a chance that something could interfere with the fire sprinkler system and cause it to need to be repaired.

When Possible Damage Has Been Done to the System by Tenants

When tenants are moving in and out of the building, the fire sprinklers are often hit by sofa legs or bookshelves during the move. When this happens, the bent sprinkler heads can go off without any fire breaking out in the building. When this happens, it could cause water to leak all over the building and ruin the belongings of everyone in the building. It is best to make sure that all tenants know how much damage can be caused by a damaged sprinkler head and have the heads repaired and the entire system inspected as quickly as possible after getting a report of damage to the sprinkler system.

Water Main Break Near Your Building

There are times when water mains can break. When this happens, the water that flows into the building will be stopped altogether, and this will stop water from flowing into the sprinkler system. The system operates by the water building up pressure and the pressure pushing the water out of the system. When there is no water coming to the pipes, no pressure can build, and the water will not spray from the system. Have the pipes inspected after a water main break to ensure that the sudden release of pressure will not cause the system to burst or not work properly.

Properly maintaining the sprinkler system in your building reduces the chances of you being able to be held liable if something occurs in the building that causes damage to someone or property. Regular inspections of the system ensure that problems can be found and resolved in a timely manner so the system works as efficiently as possible at all times.

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