Privacy Concerns: One Of These 3 Kinds Of Window Glass May Be The Answer

Posted on: 14 August 2015

To achieve privacy in your home, installing thick drapes or attaching privacy film to glass panes are options, but there are several types of replacement windows that may be better choices. Whether you plan to buy ready-made windows, do it yourself, or wait for future privacy developments, one of the following 3 types of privacy windows may be exactly what you're looking for:

Fritted windows offer privacy and bird safety.

Fritted windows are made by screen printing ceramic patterns onto glass panes. The frits may be dots, lines, or squiggles made up of tiny glass particles and coloring. These windows are used in storefronts and museums because they provide a simple, permanent way to achieve privacy.

Fritted windows are also a good choice in areas where birds are likely to collide with windows. The fritting makes windows easier for birds to see and doesn't reflect the trees or grass around the home.

These windows are not a good choice if you want to see the view. They block you from seeing outside every bit as much as they prevent others from seeing inside. But, if you have a room with an ugly view of construction or urban blight, fritted windows may be a minimalist solution that affords you privacy without the trouble of installing and maintaining heavy curtains or fussy blinds.

Stained glass uses artistic expression to create privacy.

Old-school stained glass offers excellent privacy if you can afford it. A cheaper option for replacement windows is kiln-fired glass. Producing kiln-fired window panes involves baking pieces of colored glass together to create bold, unique patterns.

The cheapest option of all is to use adhesive-backed lead "tape" and glass paint to produce your own stained glass designs. Draw your design on the glass, cut the lead tape to fit, and apply it to the windows to create the look. The nice part about this project is that you make your designs on glass that's already hanging in your windows and doors, increasing your privacy while adding unique architectural elements to your dwelling.

Smart tunable glass will let you have a private view.

Researchers have been working for several years to develop windows that won't require blinds or shades to offer privacy. Their product is basically a layer of polymer, electrodes and polymer nubs set in a glass substrate. At the flick of a switch or in response to previous programming, the windows will turn completely opaque.

The windows can be set to allow you to enjoy the view outside your home while preventing neighbors and passersby from looking inside. They can also block an ugly outside view while allowing 90% of the sunshine through. Researchers hope to increase the smart capabilities of the tunable windows so that they will help rooms retain heat in winter and repel heat in summer. These smart windows will be a great choice for people who want to have their drapes open to see their surroundings while remaining secure from prying eyes.

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