What Should You Check Before Calling The AC Repair Man?

Posted on: 30 June 2015

If your air conditioner is not working properly, summers can be miserable. Even if you do not possess the skills to fix your AC on your own, there are some simple and easy troubleshooting steps you can take before calling a repairman. In many cases, checking the thermostat, humidistat, filters, and drains will fix the problem.

Your Thermostat

No one wants to endure the embarrassment of having an AC repair man come out and tell them the reason their air conditioning is not working is because the thermostat is set wrong. First, you should check the settings on your thermostat. It should be set to "auto" and "cool." If your air conditioning unit is not turning on, try setting the temperature five degrees lower, which will send a signal to the unit to come on.  

Next, you should check the batteries, if necessary. Sometimes replacing the battery is all your air conditioning needs to start working. Third, you should remove any dirt or dust from the face plate of the thermostat. A can of compressed air is all you need to complete this task. Just avoid holding the compressed air too close to the thermostat or you could damage it. Once the dirt is removed, hometips.com says that you should get a more proper reading.

Your Humidistat

Not every air conditioning unit comes equipped with a humidistat. If yours does, it is a good idea to make sure it had been adjusted to the correct settings. The humidistat should have specific directions with it to guide you to a proper setting.

Your Filters

Most air conditioning systems have a filter located near the return air grill or the air handler. If the filter is dirty, it can prevent the system from functioning properly. If the filter is disposable, it would be worthwhile to replace it with a new one. If you live in a fairly tidy house, changing the filter once a year should suffice. However, if you have allergies or a dog or a cat, you should consider changing the filter every 30 days.

Your Drains

While your air conditioning is operating, your drain pan will fill up and any overflow will spill over into the emergency pan. Many units are equipped with an overflow switch, which turns the air conditioning off when the pan is full. You will not be able to turn the system back on until the pan is emptied. Fortunately, this is an easy task to accomplish with a wet vac.

The last item you should check before calling a repairman is the breaker. Even if you did not trip the breaker, it is worth taking the time to turn it off and back on to see if it fixes the problem. If you've checked all of these items with no success, it is finally time to pick up the phone and talk with a place like Custom Comfort. Let the technician know about all of the items you checked, and that you are not sure what the source of the problem is.