Are You Creating An Elegant Bedroom?

Posted on: 7 April 2015

Whether you are building a brand new home or redecorating your existing bedroom, you may have decided that you want to add some elegance to the room. Perhaps your little ones have grown up and you can now have the more expensive items that you were afraid little ones would damage in the past. If you want an elegant bedroom, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Choosing The Paint Color - Consider selecting very pale colors that lend themselves to a peaceful and elegant mood. Whether it's eggshell white, soft blue, pale lavender or another favorite, selecting soft hues will mean that the other decor you select will more than likely work well. Besides the basic paint, consider stenciling a design around the middle of the room, and choose two or three different shades of metallic gold for extra drama. Another idea is to stencil a beautiful saying on the wall that will inspire you each day.

Selecting Your Decor - Look for antiques! Picture Victorian bedrooms or Parisian parlors that had furniture with elaborate designs in it. Because you have selected soft shades for your walls, you can even choose antiques that have been embellished with flowers, angels, or other designs. A large crystal chandelier can be one of the focuses of your room, and consider choosing crystal lamps for your bedside tables, too.

Add A Seating Area - If your bedroom is large, consider placing a small sofa and chairs on one end of the room, along with a coffee table and an occasional table by the chairs. If the room is small, an antique rocking chair with a tiny table to accompany it would be delightful. Add a ventless fireplace!

  • Ventless fireplaces don't have a flue or a chimney.
  • There are many styles which are very elegant. Consider a deep mahogany which adds richness to an elegant setting. A white one with gold trim would be beautiful, too.
  • A good choice for a ventless fireplace would be to select one that runs on electricity. These are very safe and reliable.
  • Consider selecting a freestyle ventless fireplace which you can place anywhere you want to in your new bedroom. In fact, they're so easy to set up that you can move yours when you decide to rearrange the furniture.
  • Enhance the look of your fireplace by placing your favorite decorative pieces on the mantle.

For more tips about putting a fireplace in your bedroom, contact a company such as Village Fireplace.