Turn An Old Barn Into A Storage Facility

Posted on: 24 March 2015

Have you bought property in the country that already has buildings on it? Perhaps you already live on acreage that includes an old barn. Either way, if you are wanting to turn the barn into a storage facility, there are some steps you can take to make it great.

Start With The Floor - Concrete floors will probably serve you best. Not only will they be affordable, but they'll be very easy to care for, and they'll last long enough that your posterity can use them. If you want them to take on an old-fashioned look, consider faux painting in the form of wooden planks. If you want an old-world look, ask for brick or a pebble stone look. 

Create Storage Sections - Consider putting cabinets with doors on them along at least one of the walls in your barn. In addition, have a section set off for large covered bins in which you can store everything from grain to paper products. Another great idea is to have a section of the barn that is meant just for holiday decorations, including space for your Christmas tree. If you will be having things on high shelves, don't forget to get ladders for easier access.

Choose A Modern Garage Doors - Of course, regular doors on two or three sides of the barn will be great, but consider selecting a modern garage door for the main entrance. Selecting garage doors (from an outlet such as Virginia Door Inc) will enable you to pull in a tractor, a boat, vehicles or anything else that requires an extra wide entry way.

  • One great choice would be garage doors that look like traditional carriage house doors, but they're actually constructed of insulated steel. 
  • Another option would be fiberglass that looks like real wood. The difference is that you won't have the same heavy maintenance issues as you would have with real wood.
  • Both types of garage doors are rust-proof and very durable. They're also very affordable, especially when you consider that they often come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you live in your home.
  • Choose garage door openers which have apps that will allow you to open the doors by remote control.
  • Usually, the same company that sells you your garage doors will also be available to service them when repairs are needed.
  • While you're at it, consider adding dutch doors or hayloft doors which would look great as part of your design.