Learn How To Create A Magnetic Board To Use To Organize Your Makeup

Posted on: 18 February 2015

Getting ready in the morning for work can be quite a hassle for many women because their bathrooms are so unorganized. Drawers full of makeup can make it difficult to find the perfect shade to match the outfit that you want to wear that day. If you want to be able to spend less time searching for the compact that has the right shade of eye shadow, consider creating a magnetic board to organize your makeup with just a few materials you can find at a home improvement store, such as Huber Lumber Co. Use the following guide to learn everything that you need to know to make this amazing organizational tool.

Measure a Large Picture Frame

Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of a large picture frame that you already own. The picture frame will be used to frame the magnetic board so that it looks like a piece of artwork hanging on your wall when you are done.

Visit the Home Improvement Store

Have a store associate cut a piece of sheet metal to the exact dimensions of your frame. Purchase a few peel-and-stick magnets, a can of spray paint, a tube of permanent glue, and a roll of inexpensive decorative wallpaper.

Paint the Frame

Take the frame outside and lay it on a flat area of your yard. If the grass is tall, lay a piece of newspaper down to ensure that none of the grass comes between the paint and the frame. Spray the frame with the paint to ensure that a light even coat is applied. Let the paint dry while you continue with the other parts of the project.

Cover the Sheet Metal

The metal sheet will be silver in color and quite shiny. It may look pretty on its own, but you can cover it with the wallpaper to make it even more beautiful. Spread the wallpaper face down on the floor. Lay the metal sheet on top of the wallpaper and trim the edges until they are roughly a half an inch from the edge of the metal sheet. Apply a thin strip of the permanent glue on the edge of each side of wallpaper and fold it over to press the glue against the sheet metal. This will adhere the wallpaper to the metal.

Apply the Magnets

Cut the strips of peel-and-stick magnets to the exact size of the compacts you want to display on the board. Peel the paper backing off the magnets and stick them to the back of each compact.

Once the paint on the frame has dried, place the piece of sheet metal in it, and close the back the same way you would if you were displaying a picture in it. Hang the board on the wall in your bathroom and then organize your makeup on it in a stylish way. You will be able to find your makeup when you need it and have a beautiful piece of art at the same time.