4 Non-Traditional Ways To Supplement Your Income

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Most people would like to make more money; whether you're working full time but it is hard to make ends meet on your current salary, or you're a stay-at-home parent or retiree that could use extra cash each month, there are a number of non-traditional ways to supplement your income. With some time and effort, there is the potential to make a nice chunk of change, and for some people, that can really change their financial situation. If you could use a little extra in your bank account, consider trying out the following:

Donate Plasma

Plasma is widely used to treat patients in a medical setting, and it is in high demand. Many areas have several plasma clinics, where you can go to have your plasma extracted and be compensated for your time. In most cases, a plasma donation session can be completed in one afternoon, and you will be paid on the spot. Each plasma clinic has its own policies, but many people find that they qualify to donate plasma multiple times a month, so the payments can add up.

Start a Junk Removal Service

Most homeowners dread having to dispose of large items that won't fit in their trash barrel, and a lot of them are willing to pay someone to haul away the junk from their house. This non-traditional income opportunity allows for two revenue streams. The first one is the money that homeowners pay you for your service. The second opportunity for income comes from selling off scrap metal from the junk that you remove. Many household items, such as appliances, bicycles, small machinery, tools, etc., contain scrap metal that a scrap yard will pay you for. Combine the two income streams, and a junk removal service can prove to be quite profitable. Talk to successful services like The Dump Guy for more tips.

Personalized Pet Service Provider

Now more than ever, pets are a beloved part of a family, and pet owners are eager to ensure that someone takes good care of their furbabies when they are not able to do it themselves. You can offer dog walking services, or even over night boarding in your own home, where dogs and cats will have love an attention when their human family is away. Another option is to visit clients' homes to take care of other pets, such as fish, reptiles, or birds.

Night Time In-Home Daycare Provider

Working 9 to 5 is not as common as it used to be, and many parents find themselves working shifts outside of those hours, which can make arranging child care difficult. If you love children, caring for them in your home during the evening or even overnight while their parents work could be the perfect way to supplement your income. Before securing clients, find out your local regulations for child care providers; in some areas you may have to be licensed.