4 Top Tips For Downsizing Your Belongings

Posted on: 22 December 2014

More baby boomers are getting out of the big houses they raised their families in and moving into smaller communities or condos. These downsized homes do not have room for all of the 'stuff' that has been accumulated over the years. Here are some tips to get rid of all of the extra things your house is storing.

Call the Kids

If you have children then let them know that they need to come and get their things. Make sure that you give your adult children plenty of time, 6 months if you can, to go through their bedrooms and decide which items they are taking with them and which things they are donating or throwing away.

You don't want to take your daughter's doll collection or your son's trophies with you to your new home. If your children do not remove their item by a certain date then you are free to get rid of them.

Keep the Memories

Many of the items that people hold on to have a memory attached to them. Getting rid of dried flowers from your senior prom does not mean that you have to get rid of the memory. Take a picture of the flowers, write down the memory and keep that somewhere safe.

It is easier and easier to make scrapbooks to help you remember all of the good times. If these special items have been stored in boxes for years there is no reason to take them to your next home. Write down the memories, but toss out the stuff.

Sell or Donate?

As you are cleaning out the items you no longer need you will need to decide if you are going to sell or donate some items. Selling items is going to take the most time. Truly consider whether the price that you hope to get from the items you sell will counteract the time and effort it takes to hold a garage sale.

Sometimes it is just easier to donate your items and be done with them. Only donate items that are good quality.  Broken or incomplete items should not be taken to a donation center.  

Get A Dumpster

As you clean out your home and prepare to downsize you will inevitably have items that need to be thrown away. One great idea is to plan a weekend when you really decide what items are going to be kept or donated, and which items are going to be trashed.

Plan where you want the waste company or a site like http://metropolis-disposal.com to place the dumpster before they get there. Know which door is going to be easiest to go in and out of with your loads of garbage. Make it convenient for you to fill it up.